7 Responses to Runamile

  1. Cheeseford says:

    Cheers. I’d been alerted to it by a friend on Facebook. Fancy.

  2. Andrew Heaton says:

    Jamie Spencer must be a busy boy, we got one off Runaview signing himself off as ‘Head of Sport’.

  3. Cheeseford says:

    He’s ‘Head of Talent’ too, Andrew, according to LinkedIn. Who’s that in the picture with him? It’s our old mate Dom. That single meeting looks to have been very productive. Jamie Spencer

  4. Andrew Heaton says:

    Indeed, be interesting to know exactly what involvement Dom Joly has in the enterprise.

  5. Info! 2 says:

    Hiya Louis,

    Any views re: Mike Read and the UKIPs? Tried to reach out for a comment earlier.


    Danni xx

  6. Cheeseford says:

    Yes, I have views on Mike Read and the UKIPs. Thank you for asking.

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