Creepy creep creeps

I’m not on Twitter at the moment, having decided to take October off in aid of a very worthy cause, but I’ve been alerted to this communication from erstwhile Culture Clubber Boy George.

bg_emSeeing it, I couldn’t help but be reminded of one of the creepiest things a celebrity has ever done, which was when O’Dowd “falsely imprison[ed] a male escort by handcuffing him to a wall and beat…him with a metal chain”, receiving a 15-month jail sentence for doing so.

Actually, by describing it as ‘creepy’, I’m letting O’Dowd, who once famously claimed to prefer a cup of tea to sex, off lightly. As such, I’m not sure this sort of endorsement helps Miliband in the slightest.

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One Response to Creepy creep creeps

  1. Boy George’s past creative works and indeed his latest ones are all featured on BBC programming, despite this conviction and punishment.

    Those of Dave Lee Travis, it has been announced, will not feature on the BBC.

    There are a great many pissed off people waiting for the BBC to explain this contradiction.

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