A double-yolker for day 19, as a result of YouTube’s 10-minute limit. From the 23 December 1986 edition of Des O’Connor Tonight, here’s a bit of Burly Chassis. Clip 1 is her opening song. Clip 2 is a brief interview segment, then her second song. The interview takes place at a bar, from behind which pops fellow guest…well, just watch it. The plan was obviously to create one of those unpredictable moments that people talk about years later (doubtless this bit would feature in the trailers if the programme were being made now), but you can’t create unpredictability. Nonetheless, Des doubles up and pisses himself gamely. I can only assume that it’s genuine amusement or an act of kindness rather than des-peration. You are permitted to chortle at the cocktail, but that’s all.

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  1. Tanya Jones says:

    I'm not sure which is worse: the 'comedy', or Bassey's dress…

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