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Back when I were a wage slave in London, the only thing that made the Monday morning commute bearable was listening to a mini disc of the previous night’s Malcolm Laycock show, recorded off BBC Radio 2. Despite being in … Continue reading

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Thanks to the bin lid stapled to the front of schloss Barfe, I’ve been watching the German TV repeats of 1970s editions of Top of the Pops. On the editions they’ve shown, 3 presenters have been in charge: Toe Knee … Continue reading

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Phew, someone’s posted a slightly-less-than-glowing Amazon review of Where Have All the Good Times Gone? I can’t find fault with anything that the reviewer says. It was my first book and I tended to throw in everything bar the kitchen … Continue reading

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Nice words about the paperback edition of Turned Out Nice Again from Nicholas Bagnall in last week’s Sunday Telegraph and Victoria Segal in today’s Guardian. In the interests of transparency, I should point out that I used to be married … Continue reading

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Are Michael Jackson fans the most unhinged followers of any pop culture icon? Yes, if some of the comments on YouTube concerning Jacko’s run-in with the mighty Jarvis Cocker are anything to go by. “Jarvis Cocker you are only a? … Continue reading

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