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Many years ago, Richard Digance had a dream. With mainstream television on a drive to attract younger, more idiotic audiences, the journeymen and journeywomen of the entertainment world were no longer getting a fair crack of the whip. People like … Continue reading

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What an age we live in. I write this on an East Coast main line train to Glasgow Central, using the free wi-fi provided by National Express. Observation: download speeds were non-existent until York, when dial-up speeds were achieved. Obviously, … Continue reading

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How clueless are the bookers at Nottingham’s Royal Concert Hall? They’ve cancelled Ken Dodd’s booking for a show in December 2009, after “a significant number of audience members left before the end” of his show there last December. This, apparently, … Continue reading

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This week, I have been mostly reviewing my relationship with Facebook. First things first, I’ve found the whole shebang faintly sinister since I read a Daily Telegraph magazine feature about the founding of the site. I sat, riveted to the … Continue reading

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