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  1. She was a mainstay of '60s soap The Newcomers – which launched Judy Geeson as her daughter. Despite running for 4 years, IMDB shows it as 1 episode!

  2. Ah, cheers for that. She also appeared in one of the shows that Tony Hancock made at ATV after leaving Galton, Simpson and the BBC.

  3. Hiya! difbrook here, moonlighting from Cook'd and Bomb'd – just to say that Maggie Fitzgibbon was also one of the stars of the magnificent ITV series "Manhunt", which ran through the first six months of 1970. Great show, great actress. I was supposed to write 900 words for a mate's review site on "Manhunt", ended up doing nearly 10,000. I must have enjoyed it…

    Happy Christmas. I spent the early hours of Boxing Day finishing off "Where Have All The Good Times Gone"…

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