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Month: November 2007

The business in the Sudan makes me despair. I could just about take the Sudanese authorities citing ‘rules is rules’, and giving her EASY a mild, but nonetheless unjustified jail term. This was aided by the sight and sound of most high-ranking British Muslims shaking their heads very sadly and very publicly, stating that the whole thing is a terrible misunderstanding and a ghastly Unidos mess, thus confounding the ‘all Muslims are dangerous’ lobby and doing much to defuse tension. My tolerance is, however, tested by the reported thousands of protesters marching on Khartoum demanding that Gillian Gibbons be shot. If that’s your idea of a solution, I think the governments of the world should get together and make lack of perspective a capital offence, de with full extradition.

I understand the importance of respecting other people’s beliefs, just as I expect them to respect my utter lack of faith. In this case, I’ve seen nothing to indicate that the chicagobearsjerseyspop poor woman did anything other than go out of her way to respect the predominant faith of her adopted home. Unless I’ve misread the situation wildly, it seems to have gone something like IrelandOffline, this. Teacher says “What shall we call the bear?”. Class of children says “Muhammad, miss”. Teacher says “You know that’s not really allowed”. Class of children says “Pleeeeeeeeease, miss, or we’ll hold our breath until we keel over”. Teacher, quite understandably, says “Oh, all right then”. Teacher then sends letter to parents explaining that the children chose the name, that she tried to explain that it wasn’t on, but just you try reasoning with 30 anklebiters with a rudimentary understanding of collective bargaining. Parent dobs her in. All the nutters come out to play.

The only bad thing I’ve heard from the Gibbons side of the affair was professional Scouser and proven ambulance chaser Pete Price on the wireless last night, talking loud and saying nothing about his imprisoned friend. Surely he can’t know everyone on Merseyside personally?

More from the scurrilous back passages of Wikipedia, this time from Radio 1 DJ Annie Mac’s au page:

“Annie’s brother Davey MacManus is in the British band The Crimea. Annie also has a sister named Rachel and one other brother. She is also very close friends with fellow DJ, Edith Bowman. They have been known to finger each others vagina while presenting radio shows together. Pictures had been posted on her Flickr picture thread. Only to be taken Jerseys down from webmasters due to rile violations.”

What on earth are rile violations? I adore the fact that there’s a link to the vagina page, just in case you were unsure. If you see any similar mash-ups and derailments, do please alert me. I can usually do with a laugh.

It seems to be a long-standing BBC rule that great occasions can only be entrusted to a Dimbleby. However, between the untimely demise of Pa Richard in 1965 and the coming to maturity of the Boy David some years later, another broadcaster held the fort with great panache. When the Harold Wilson went to the country in 1966 and Кабинет 1970, it was Cliff Michelmore, of Tonight and 24 Hours, who helmed the BBC’s results coverage, and a fine job he made of it too. Here’s an example of how superbly agreeable he was:

Now nearly 90, he’s back on our screens for one night only this Sunday, linking six (count ’em) hours of cheap nba jerseys archive material about the 1967 devaluation crisis. BBC Parliament is the channel, and, quite frankly, I believe the evening’s programming justifies the cost of a Freeview box in its own right.

The running order is like this:

6pm – The Pound In Your выводом Pocket – new bei intro material from Cliff Michelmore
6.10 – The Money Programme (original tx: wholesale mlb jerseys 17/11/1967)
6.55 – Our Money (original tx: 19/11/1967)
8pm – Edward Heath’s response (original tx: 19/11/1967)
8.15 – 24 Hours (original tx: 20/11/1967)
8.40 – Panorama (original tx: 20/11/1967)
9.15 – 24 Hours (original tx: 29/11/1967)
9.40 – Roy Jenkins outlines spending cuts (original tx: 16/1/1968)
9.55 – 24 Hours cheap nba jerseys (original tx: 16/1/1968)
10.35 – Roy Jenkins’ Budget broadcast (original tx: 19/3/1968)
10.45 – Iain MacLeod’s response (original tx: 20/3/1968)
10.55 – Budget ’68 Living (original tx: 19/3/1968)
11.15 – 24 Hours (original tx: 19/3/1968).

I appreciate that this isn’t everyone’s idea of a great night’s viewing, but it’ll do for me.

As a stickler for accuracy, I should deplore anyone cheap nfl jerseys who puts false information on Wikipedia deliberately. Sometimes, however, it’s just plain funny. This evening, for professional reasons, I found wholesale nba jerseys myself perusing the entry on Westlife. I found the following on the subject of Bryan McFadden’s departure from the group:

“On 9 March 2004, just three weeks before End Westlife were due to embark on their fourth UK and Europe tour, moon faced buffoon Bryan McFadden (Otherwise Chiefs known as the lummox)left the band due to an uncomfirmed report of goat fiddling…”

Feeling immediately grateful that I wasn’t drinking anything at the time I saw the above, I went to the history wijkkoor page to see how Jersey long that nugget of utter misinformation had lasted. About 3 hours, it appeared. The same contributor had also changed:

” The group’s roots are in Sligo in the north west of Ireland, where Egan, Feehily, and Filan were in a six-member vocal group named IOYOU…”


“The group’s roots are in Sligo in the north west of Ireland, where four Line tramps were found by Louis Walsh at a bus stop. They were singing drunkenly whilst wetting themselves stuffing thier faces with donuts. WHO ATE ALL THE PIES!!”

In this case, I actually find the wholesale jerseys made-up version strangely plausible.

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One of the great delights of watching old light entertainment programmes for me is when the camera pans across the orchestra. I’m enough of an wholesale jerseys China anorak to be able to put names to cheap jerseys many of the faces that show up, as they parp, honk and bash away in the service of the business they call the show. I know I’m not alone, because I’ve sat in darkened rooms watching shows with jerseys close friends (male, as if you needed to ask), all of us cooing “Ooooh, look, it’s Kenny Clare” at the appropriate moment. One such occasion was when a friend showed me Pop Go The Sixties, a BBC/ZDF co-production from 1969, showcasing the best musical talent of the decade. In among the likes of Tom Jones, the Shadows and the Who were the Johnny Harris Orchestra, then the house band on Lulu’s show. Aided by some fairly rubbish dancers, they stormed through a fantastic version of ‘I Can’t Get No Satisfaction’, powered by the stellar drumming of Harold Fisher, wholesale whom I’ve mentioned here before. I’ve been wanting to see that bit of the show again ever since, so I was delighted when it turned up on BBC4 the other night. The bass playing is superb, too. wholesale jerseys I’m not sure who’s responsible – Johnny Harris usually worked with Herbie Flowers, but it doesn’t look like him to me. The Harris is pretty groovy in his own right. You can’t imagine Harry Rabinowitz conducting like this.

Just one reservation: I’m not entirely sure about BBC4’s decision to chop such wholesale mlb jerseys a major show into bite-sized chunks to be used in tricky 5-minute gaps in the schedule. Let’s see the whole thing in context. Even less sure am I of the right of the person who chopped the show into those chunks to claim a producer’s credit for an editor’s job, as one Robin Keam did.

Meanwhile, this one turned up in a TOTP2 shown on Dave (shite name, half-decent channel) the other morning. It’s the Top of the DOLPHINS Pops Orchestra under Johnny Pearson, offering their version of ‘El Bimbo’ by Bimbo Jet. As the camera moved across the band, I identified Clem Cattini on drums, Lowestoft’s own Derek Warne on electric piano, Rick Kennedy and Bobby Lamb on trombones, Paul Keogh and Chris Rae on guitars, outplayed and Kenny Wheeler, Ian Hamer and Leon Calvert making up the trumpet section. It’s playing candyfloss like this that enabled Kenny Wheeler to make several stunning, but marginally profitable albums for ECM. We must be profoundly thankful. If anyone else can identify any of the musicians I’ve missed, please add a comment. In particular, the southpaw bass player is unknown to me.

What the hell, while we’re here, let’s have some of the real stuff. Might be time for some Phil Seamen stories…

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Yesterday morning, I had the very strange experience of being 130 miles from home, watching the town where I live on the television. I was woken at 8.30am by a phone call from my mother, and through the bleariness, I caught the words ‘tidal surge’, ‘Lowestoft’ and ‘on the telly now’. I then spent the couple of hours before I was due to catch my train back to the eye of the example storm goggling at ferocious waves and News 24’s Simon McCoy standing by the fountains that Bernie Clifton opened a couple of summers back. Mercifully, cheap jerseys the surge missed high tide, averting disaster by about 20 centimetres, and McCoy’s disappointment was almost tangible, as return he desperately tried to whip up a interest very choppy sea into a major event. “Well, it’s not as bad as forecast, but it’s still pretty hairy down here,” he gabbled breathlessly, before grabbing a local shopkeeper for an in-depth discussion of sandbagging. wholesale jerseys I’ve seen it as hairy as it was cheap jerseys on a couple of occasions in the five years I’ve lived here, but those times there were no satellite trucks or damp reporters to put a frame around it. If a tree falls, etc. However, with environmental attitudes as they currently stand, we ‘re likely to see it getting a lot more hairy in future. News 24 may yet return to these shores.

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