Am I the only person to greet the news that Coffee Republic has gone into administration with the response that at least some good has come out of the recesssion? I love coffee, but I hate paying through the nose for it. I can’t recall the last time I bought one ‘to go’ from a high street coffee emporium. I think it was when I worked in London and hadn’t yet worked out the art of avoiding needless expenditure. Work in an office? Buy a cafetiere for the same price as a double shot skinny Americano with blue jeans and chinos, or whatever the Cribbins they call it, and keep it in your desk drawer, along with a reclosable bag of ground coffee from the supermarket. Sorted. I’ll only be truly happy when Starbucks does a Woolworths.

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  1. "… and Costa Coffee sinks twitching into the sea."

    It needs to be affordable because five cups a day can prevent and even reverse Alzheimer's. Well it did in mice. So drink up and never get mouse-Alzheimer's! Never have to ask "who moved my cheese?".

  2. Oddly, I feel no such hatred towards Costa. It's probably because we had one in the Ashley Centre in Epsom when I were a lad. I was reading the other day that the Netherlands has the highest coffee consumption rate anywhere in Europe, and that its Alzheimer's rates are the same as anywhere else. So…

  3. I don't think I've ever had the pleasure. I tend to eschew high st coffee places for the most part and when I do buy coffee it's from a street vendor (my brother-in-law had his own business so I feel sort of obliged to help them out) or Monmouth coffee in Borough Market where the coffee tastes outstandingly good.

    My gut reaction is to feel sorry for people who've lost their jobs in situations like these but if I were their employee I'm sure I wouldn't shed any tears. I wonder how many staff really do, in fact. I also wonder how much tea is served in these places to counter-warrant the coffee name in the title? I always ordered tea in Starbucks or Costa.

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